Peli Parquet Informs Its Dealers

Peli Parquet, one of the leading names in the industry, organized an informational meeting for all its dealers in Turkey at 18th April 2014, in Antalya Turan Prince Hotel.

At the first day of the event, in which about 200 dealers attended, dealers had the opportunity to rest at the hotel.


The presentation of the informational meeting that began the next day was made Marketing & Advertising Manager Meltem Öztaş.​.

In his speech, Sales and Marketing Vice President Oguz Maden stated that they are a young organization that began production in 2008 and that they aim to be leader of the industry as a company which is a new producer. Oguz Maden, stating that they aim to manufacture products that bring profit, said that “We are walking with firm steps towards becoming a company that is not following but followed.”


The second speaker of the meeting was Sales and Marketing Director Mehmet Karahasanoğlu. Karahasanoğlu began his speech by expressing his graduate to all dealers for their support so far and gave information on products and general working principles. 

mehmet karahasanoglu

He stated that the Peli logo on the economic products named City collection and Project collection was removed. 


He said that it was a strategic decision and Peli logo wouldn’t be on any package of these products. And he gave information on high quality products such as Elegance exclusive ve Golden collection groups and VIP products such as Wood collection and Naturel laminate.


Karahasanoğlu stated that especially Natural laminate products are  especially produced to strengthen the hands of the dealer in addition to laminate parquet. In addition Karahasanoğlu stated that they prefer to work with dealers who hold stock, and they separate their ways from those who don’t, and they turn to province basis from regional basis. Karahasanoğlu said “We make connections on two monthly basis.


And we predict it in accordance with the sale s capacity of dealers.” And he added “All our dealers are a part of our family, as they become happy we also become happy.” Mehmet Karahasanoğlu told about gift system and he said that everyone expressed his opinion on the system used by 50 main dealer, 150 subdealer and more than 300 workmen.  


In his speech, Karahasanoğlu said that the gift campaign, which provides motivation for dealers, shall continue in 2014 as well. Mehmet Karahasanoğlu stated that the new system shall provide a great easiness for collection and expressed that dealers could obtain detailed information on the new system from their colleagues said.



And Can Öntürk, another speaker of the meeting and Western Regional Sales and Marketing Manager, gave detailed information on products. Öntürk stated that they are open to problems and new ideas, and that they prepared their new collections by consuting with dealers. Other speakers of the meeting were Tuncer Üstundag, Zeki Türk, Taner Demirer, Bünyamin Sağır, Hasan Teker, Hakkı Özata, Nuri Şermet, Mehmet Ufuk, Murat Şahin, Adem Baş ve Zümral Başıbüyük .


The second part of the meeting began with a question and answer session. Dealers stated their demands and expectations in turn. Immediately after the meeting, three dealers took delivery of their vehicles, which they won with their points gained from loyalty programs.In the evening, dealers came together at the gala dinner organized by Pele Parker exclusively for its dealers, they got rest and gathered strength and morale for the new season. 


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