2014 Surprise From Peli Family


2014 surprise from Peli family; Natural Laminate Collection ...! 

Turanlar Group, one of the leading companies in the Forest products and tourism sector in Turkey, has a 63-year history of success.

With all the experience gained from this success, it is aiming to bring the trademark Peli that it produces in its integrated facilities at Samsun, Vezirköprü, to the top in the market of Turkey. In accordance with this objective, Turanlar Group is moving towards becoming unrivaled parquet company of Turkey by renewing itself through developing technology and improving design and manufacturing techniques. 

Elegance Collection..!

Peli Parquet, renewing its collection with new trends and enhancing its degree of attrition, crowned the changes it made in the collection with the new name. Elegance Exclusive AC4 10 met with the customer in recent months under warranty of 10 year.


The rich collection with the weight of cream, white, and shades of gray offers 20 décor option each is more beautiful than another for those looking for elegance and quality at   flooring. 

Wood Collection..!




In the promotion launching of Pele Parquet Family for its dealers,  all decos of new Wood collection were presented.


Class 32 4V jointed collection consisting of 10 new decor are manufactured in narrow size and as 10 mm.

Peli Parquet, creating flooring characters for those looking for a difference in decoration with new flooring characters,  offers options each  more beautiful than another for those who don’t abandon natural appearance and warm of wood under the warranty of 10 years.  

2014 surprise from Peli family; 

Naturel Lamine Collection…!


Peli Parquet, having started to manufacture lamine except laminate in flooring, opens the door of being natural for those who don’t abandon real wood. The collection Naturel Lamine, bringing the most natural form of wood together with flooring through 7 décor options, enters 2014 in a mighty way.


Peli Parquet, including other product groups such as Project Collection and City Collection as well, improves its R&D activities every day with its rich collection that satisfies evey user and continues to add value to the brand. 

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