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Foundation of Turanlar Group of Companies was laid by late Mehmet Turan at the end of the 1940s in Istanbul with lumber and construction materials trading. Then Hasan – Nihat- and Fuat Turan brothers brought the flag that they took over to higher and they won their corporate identity with the 3rd generation of the family that have reached today. Although the company has entered into various industries such as contracting, shipping and flour producing, it has always become the locomotive of wood industry, which is its area of expertise. Turanlar Group, continuing to work with its new investments in the subjects of plywood that is the peak point of wood working, flooring, lumber, MDF, chipboard, formwork systems and derivatives, continues to grow quickly in its new industries of   "paper  and "tourism".


On the other hand, Pelit Arslan, joined Turanlar Group of Companies in 1977, had started its first production in 1949 in Bartın. In 1959, it moved to its new facility in Sefaköy established on a land of 46 thousand square meters with a closed area of 18 thousand square meters. Today, at the same address, it continues to work with the production of 150 thousand cubic meters filmed and filmless plywood, 12 million square meters high pressure and roll laminates with thousands of employees and modern machines. Pelilam’s productions of HPL and CPL laminates have been tested by the US-based GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI), the most important and independent indoor air quality metering institution, with regard to protecting human health and life quality; and it has been certificated that the products don’t include and release chemical elements harmful to health. Currently, with this certificate in European norms, Pelit arslan has achieved to be the first and only laminate manufacturer of Turkey owning this prestigious international environmental certificate. It has been proved that it releases formaldehyde dozens times of below E1 level, accepted as healthy, and thus it has increased health criteria to the highest level. Pelit Arslan hasn’t contented itself with receiving only “Indoor Air Quality Certificate” and it has been entitled to receive Greenguard Children & Schools Certification, which includes much more challenging and rigorous product chemical release criteria, and it has been approved that with indoor laminates that it manufactures using above mentioned certificate  it doesn’t cause a harmful release to the air breathed indoor spaces such as kindergardes, schools and other educational organizations, where our children are present in majority; and that thus these products can be used with mind at peace.


Turanlar Group has crowned its forest products industrialism identity, having started with Pelita Arslan, with Samsun Vezirköprü Forest Products and Paper Industry. Inc in order to complete the range of products and to be close to raw materials. For this purpose, although the facility is in  a non-subsidized area, it was bought through privatization in 1995 and brought into the economy of the country with the latest technology and production.

Pelilam’s productions of next-generation HPL and CPL laminates have been tested by the US-based GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI), the most important and independent indoor air quality metering institution, with regard to protecting human health and life quality; and it has been certificated that the products don’t include and release chemical elements harmful to health.


On the other hand, new products have been added to particleboard, melamine coated particleboard, plywood, exotic and construction lumber, block board and industrial wooden molds that are already producted. MDF plant, with the latest technology that wood and paper industry has reached in the world and even listed in the firsts in the world market, light panel plant, print dyeing plant, impregnation plant, glue plant, laminate parquet plant facility have started production. Also, especially with the production plant of paper, which is produced in uncommon plants in the world and of which need is met through import in our country, it has been an uncommon integrated facility in the world. Turanlar Group, expanding its market share with successive innovations and breakthroughs, produce Peli parquet, at Vezirköprü forest products facility.


Peli Parquet, having increased annual production capacity to 20 million square meters with the commissioning of 2nd production line in July of 2011, reinforces the success that it has reached in figures with the breakthroughs that it provides. With its services making a difference in the market through modern lines and a wide range of product, improving its product concept a little more every day, and aiming customer satisfaction  without compromising quality; it has managed to make Peli Parquet an indispensable brand of the market. With its product group, consisting of 3 series as elegance collection, colour collection and wood collection, it continues its breakthroughs with momentum. For example; the collection Elegance 2012 is a 31 Class AC3 series consisting of a total of 30 colors is comprised of parquet balance paper, HDF, design paper and overlay layer. And the collection Colour 2012 is 21 Class AC1 series consisting of a that makes laminate parquet different than its similar derivatives. Pattern  8 colors. It is compromised of parquet, decore balance manufactured at printing plant, and overlay layer. The overlay paper is a cellulose basd fim layer, in which aluminum oxide particles are placed. Aluminum oxide particle is the most important feature that provides superior resistance to abrasion, scratch, and heat; and it is the main that makes laminate parquet different than its similar derivatives. Design paper is supplied from Europe’s best design paper manufacturers. Thanks to these companies, surface color characters give the appearance of literally true solid wood.


Thanks to UNIL locking system with the latest technology used in all product groups, installation of flooring is much easier and more practical. Thanks to a special profile design in the UNIL locking system, it is a system that doesn’t let itself unfasten under any condition but easily removable when requested.


HDF production is made of local trees. The mix of pine, fir, spruce and beech that grow in this region provides high density for HDF. In order to make it a plate, it is combined with carcinogen-free E1 quality adhesive and high density of HDF plare are manufactured. Turanlar Group, also having recognized that a new and innovative player was needed in the world’s market of tea filter paper in the 21st century, started to produce tea filter paper under the brand name of “Pelipaper” at Vezirköprü Forest Products and Paper Inc. It established a manufacturing plant, where modern and latest technologies specific to the industry are used,  at Vezirköprü facility; and two years ago, it started to manufacture tea filter paper, which is technically the most difficult to produce due to the presence of its . As much as 80% of its production is exported to countries all over the world as to be mainly European countries. Pelipaper has committed to being a reliable supplier of the best quality of filter paper of teabag by taking advantage of today's advanced technologies in the new century, raw materials and logistics.

Turanlar Group, always concerning itself with producing unproduced, became the integrated facility producing the widest range of products in the world's forest products 

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